Architect David T. Kim

David T. Kim Joins Liberty House Plans Roster

Architect David T. Kim has joined the list of architects whose designs will be included in the upcoming launch of Liberty House Plans.

David is known for his ability to move between small-scale elements (such as the transition between public and private spaces) and large-scale considerations (such as the home’s influence on a neighborhood over time). He has designed over seven hundred homes in mixed-use developments that fit harmoniously into the cities and towns where they’re built.

According to David, “I don’t have a brand. I would rather see it as, Hey, that’s a pretty nice house in a pretty nice neighborhood that’s been here for so long, and everybody really loves living here. And it’s worked for many generations... It’s about lovability. It becomes part of a neighborhood. That’s what matters.”

David is a graduate of Cornell University, a member of the board of the Congress for the New Urbanism and a founding member of the Incremental Development Alliance. His designs can be found in Arkansas, California, Georgia, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Montana. David can often be spotted bicycling with his family around their current home base in Tarrytown, New York. We are delighted that he's chosen to join our roster.

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