One step closer to Home.

We bring premium architecture within reach so you can build lovable homes and neighborhoods — places that will support your dreams and leave a happy legacy for generations to come.

  • Homeseekers

    How do you know a house plan is buildable? Easy. Choose any plan we offer. Every plan in our collection comes from a designer with successful projects in multiple locations across the USA.

  • Developers & Builders

    How can you be sure a home will do well on the market? Start with neighborhood-friendly design in a tried and true style. Americans prefer well-detailed, traditional design. It's beautiful, lovable, and timeless.

  • Municipalities

    How do you encourage high-quality development? Work with us to establish a collection that's appropriate for your place. Accelerated permitting and preapproval can incentivize smart choices. Ask us how.

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Liberty House Plans is a proud member of the National Town Builders Association, a nationwide organization of builders and developers who craft neighborhoods of lasting value. NTBA members are committed to continuous improvement in the pursuit of traditional neighborhood development.

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