Our Story

Have you ever designed your dream house on paper, just for the fun of it? If you answered yes to that question, we're kindred spirits. I started when I was in grade school and haven't stopped.

That pastime eventually led me to work for architects during my college years. Since then, I've spent much of my free time studying architecture - how we shape our world with it and how it shapes us. I've worked for builders, pored over traditional house plan books and attended conferences in search of the "secret" to what makes a great place. I've also watched as the rise and fall of economic cycles took my architect friends for a worrisome ride.

Over the years, I began to see a paradox: Even the best architects would suffer during a downturn, though they had valuable designs in the drawer (and later, the hard drive, or the cloud). They might have dozens of designs they could publish - designs that could become someone's dream house, if they could only be found.

Liberty House Plans began as a way to resolve that paradox. We give the best architects a safe place to publish their work. They publish with us because they know we're selective, and their work will be shown in good company. 

Selectivity is our superpower, and we use it to help make the world a more beautiful place. We bring premium architecture within reach so people can build lovable homes and neighborhoods: places that will support their dreams and leave a happy legacy for generations to come.

If that resonates with you, welcome. Let us help you make your dream house real.

- Jennifer Krouse

Jennifer Krouse is the Founder and CEO of Liberty House Plans. Previously, she served as a business advisor who specialized in companies that shape the built environment. She is a graduate of Williams College and the Stockholm School of Economics and serves on the board of directors of Tech901.