Photo of grey-blue shed with double side doors and a serving window with bar. Back yard setting with gravel and large overhanging trees.

House Plans and Flexibility: Part 4 of 5

There's a type of flexibility that really lights me up: flexibility of use. Today's new release, the Snack Shack Pub Shed by Historic Shed is a choice example.
The essential elements of the Snack Shack are its storage area and its serving window. You can stow tools in the storage area and serve cold drinks from the bar. It's a handy combination of practicality and fun for the yard or the poolside.
But what if we were to build it in a public setting? What could it be then? A mini surf shop? Information booth? Popsicle stand?
House plan collections are fertile ground for flexible, little buildings with a variety of possible uses. They've earned the status of a "stock plan" because they're repeatable in different settings. How you use them is up to you.
/Jennifer Krouse
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