The Best House Plans for Watching Fireworks

The Best House Plans for Watching Fireworks

Great home design doesn't just protect us from the elements. It helps us balance indoor and outdoor life, too. These thirteen designs with balconies and two-story porches will set you up for stargazing, sunsets, and fireworks displays on Independence Day.

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House Plans with Second Floor Balconies and Two-Story Porches

The Anson Lane

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

Every room in this two bedroom, two bath home opens onto a two-story piazza.

Watercolor rendering of the Anson Lane, a five-bay Neoclassical home design with two-story porches.

The Eastport 

(Sommer Design Studios)

This two-bedroom design makes the most of forward-facing views with double-height porches and a reading nook off the main bedroom.

Photo of the Eastport as built. Front-facing gable end of white clapboard home with two-story porches.

The Lakeport

(Sommer Design Studios)

When the fireworks subside, retreat to the kitchen nook of this two-bedroom home for a late-evening snack.

Photo of the Eastport design as built. Two-story porches on cream-colored Neoclassical house.

The St. Helena

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

Cook out on the rear porch, then invite guests upstairs to enjoy the fireworks. The porch is accessed from the hall, so you can share the view without passing through private bedrooms.

Photo of the St. Helena as built. Two-story porches on white, symettrical, Neoclassical facade, with sunset in the background.

Grace on the Bayou

(Bruce B. Tolar)

Are the fireworks in front or behind your home? You'll be ready for either in Grace on the Bayou, with two-story porches in both the front and the rear.

Photo of Grace on the Bayou as built. Two-story porches on front facade of a green clapboard house surrounded by lush foliage.

The Rose Garden

(Bruce B. Tolar)

Wrap-around, two-story porches make the Rose Garden floor plan an easy choice for catching views of the sky on corner lots.

Photo of the Rose Garden plan as built. Cream-colored clapboard home with two-story wrap-around porches on corner lot, blue sky behind.

The Windermere

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

You'd expect the primary bedroom to have all the perks, but not in this Neoclassical home. Step from the second bedroom onto a spacious balcony for views in three directions at once.

Photo of the Windermere house plan as built. A two-story, Spanish Colonial style home with five-bay, symmetrical, stucco facade and red-tiled hipped roof crowned by a rotunda. Enclosed porch on the right. Palm tree in foreground.

The Canton Duplex

(Artifex Cottages)

A private balcony makes it worth climbing the stairs to the upper apartment in this stacked duplex. Fireworks are the bonus.

Watercolor rendering of the Canton Duplex. Two-story duplex with gable-hipped roof. Facade consisting of open, two-story, two-bay wide porches on left, enclosed two-bay wide rooms on right.

The Faulkner Fourplex and Fulton Fourplex

(Artifex Cottages)

Enjoy a cool breeze while taking in the fireworks show from the upstairs porches of these neighborhood-friendly fourplexes.

Watercolor and digital drawing of the Faulkner Fourplex. Two-story, Neoclassical fourplex with a pair of two-story porches on the front facade, each capped by a classical gable roof.

Watercolor rendering of the Fulton Fourplex. Two-story, Craftsman and Prairie style fourplex. Two-story, stacked porches capped by hipped roof and separated by a shared entrance. Craftsman-style details on porch columns. Woodsy background.

The Alden Townhouse Trio

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

Wrap-around balconies on the end units of this townhouse trio make for excellent sky-watching and neo-Tudor panache.

Watercolor and digital rendering of the Alden Townhouse Trio floor plan. Three attached, two-story townhomes. End units have second-story, wrap-around balconies and roof gables facing front. Center unit visually connects the two.

The Touro Townhomes

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

The end unit of the Touro Townhomes offers fireworks-worthy porches on both the second and third floors. 

Watercolor rendering of the Touro Townhomes, with three two-story townhomes and an attached three-story duplex with porches on two sides.

The Talbot Townhouse Quad

(Geoffrey Mouen, Architect)

If Romeo asks to join you for the fireworks, you'll be ready, on the balcony of the Talbot Townhouse Quad.

Watercolor and digital rendering of the Talbot Townhouse Quad. Four identical, asymmetrical, two-story townhomes with individual second-story balconies. Door with projecting shed roof on left, balcony on the right of each home. Windows paired in gangs of two.

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